Selling my socks and undies - Ohio

Posted by: Gavin

Email: gavpenn -@-

Posted on: Oct. 18, 2017 at 09:48


I have a nice selection of smelly socks and undies for sale. If you want them message me! I have all kinds of styles and sizes.
I am a cubby woman who works in a grocery store bakery where I get very sweaty and smelly every day. When I come home I take off my panties and socks and put them in a ziplock bag to keep in all the essential moisture. I can make them as raunchy as you'd like simply by wearing them a second day or wearing them while I ride my bike!! paypal excepted!! I have done this many times and everyone seems to like what they get! want to huff my collage jock nut huggers?
Message me!!

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