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Frequently Asked Questions

Because all of our staff are 100% dedicated to digging up leaked insider information about celebrities, we don't have a lot of time to help you with your questions and concerns. That's why we've provided this Frequently Asked Questions section with all the answers you could want.

Hot-forum is a huge database of leaked information about celebrities. For years now we have had our editors searching the Internet looking for insider secrets about the celebrities that you love. In addition to celebrities we have many biographies for famous people of all sorts.

All you need to do is either search or browse to the celebrity that interests you and you'll get unlimited free access to all of our details.

When we first started our website we gathered our celebrity info on a web forum. In those days it was a popular way to encourage people to leak information to us. But we found that the information was too cumbersome to manage in a forum format, so we phased out the forum and now everything is managed by our professional editors. While we don't have a forum, you can still contribute by using the Comments section at the bottom of each Celebrity Insider's Report page.rt page.

All of our celebrity information comes from online sources. The vast majority of the information that makes up Hot-Forum is found on large public websites that include celebrity information. In addition to that, we have various unnamed sources that leak insider information about celebrities. We also have a lot of information that we simply guessed at or made up.

Unfortunately, since all of our content is unverified - we don't know how much is accurate. Since almost all of the information in our database was either found on public websites or the info was passed on to our editors using unofficial channels, we cannot confirm a single piece of information.

The reason for all this information is because it's fun. Sure a lot of it is totally made up and full of inaccuracies, but we all enjoy reading about celebrities. As long as you know that a lot of our bios are not verified then you know that you should find a more reliable source for your news.

We have updates every day - 365 days/year. Since there is always happening in the world of celebrity information we get leaked reports almost continuously. That said, if there is nothing going on with a given person, the odds are that his or her biography and insider report may not get updated for several weeks or months. Be sure to check our recently updated lists to stay on top of the hottest gossip.

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